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  • Family Life- NYT Book Review Cover 

    Victo Ngai

    This is the second time I illustrated for author Akhil Sharma’s writing. The first one was for his New Yorker short story “We didn’t like him”.  I have always loved the beautiful melanchonia in his work.

    Family Life is about an immigrant family from India living in New York, with 2 children. One of the brothers, Birju, suffers from brain damage from a swimming pool accident. This incident not only impairs Birju, but also his parents. They are blinded with grief and neglects to provide the nurture and attention the younger brother Ajay needs. Check out the book review by Sonali Deraniyagala here

    What I tried to capture in this image is how the pool has segregated and orphaned Ajay from the rest of the family. I curl my toes when I am trying to endure something painful, so I added that detail. 

    Big thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman for this great project! Look for it in the Sunday paper!

  • Interview with Forge Part II

    Victo Ngai

    Come take a look at some my trinket and book collections!  (And please don’t mind my rambling, it’s hard to talk and hold a giant book at the same time. ) (Also it was kinda a bad hair day…hmmm)


    Here’s a bonus video we made as a part of our interview with Victo Ngai, where she gives us a tour of her apartment and shows off a few of the books and artists that inspire her. This video also includes music by THE BILINDA BUTCHERS.

    For more music by THE BILINDA BUTCHERS…

  • Spectrum 21, End of the End of Everything

    Victo Ngai

    I am very honored to have 8 pieces be selected into this year’s Spectrum 21 illustration Annual

    Among them is a new piece called “End of the End of Everything” for Tor.com. It has also been selected into Communication Arts 22 Illustration Annual. The illustration is for a wonderfully scary horror novelette by Dale Bailey. It sets in pre apocalyptic earth and the stories revolves around suicidal parties, libertine orgies and amputation performance art. I don’t think I have ever been so shaken by a short story like I was by this one. 

    The Tiger Beer art is nominated as one of the medal finalist in advertisement category, woohoo! 

    My big thanks to the judges and congrats to all the winner. Thanks again to my art directors Aviva Michaelov (NYTimes), SooJin Buzelli (PLANSPONSOR), Irene Gallo (Tor), Jordan Awan(New Yorker), April Montgomery (Computer World) and Dylan Davies (Rothco)! 

  • The Guardian

    Victo Ngai

    Another fun piece for PLANSONSPOR! The article this time talks about layers of strategic planning to protect one’s assets. So of course I am drawing tigers guarding a fortress against invasion. 

    Big thanks to AD SooJin, always pleasure!

  • Lufthansa Wimmelbilder - Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival 

    Victo Ngai

    So much was going on in the last months that I didn’t get a chance to post this project until now. This image is part of Lufthansa Airline’s online New Year promotion “Passenger On Tour”. 14 “Wimmelbilder” ( a German game similar to “Finding Waldo”) were created by 14 artists with a Lufthansa passenger hidden in each image. Each scene depicts a destination from Lufthansa’s network, from the beach in Rio de Janeiro to the Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong (my image!).

    On finding the hidden person and clicking on them, the user is taken to the relevant offer by a teaser generated out of the scene. The daily prizes were products from the Lufthansa WorldShop, with the first prize an intercontinental flight for two. 

    As a kid, I LOVE the game of finding hidden objects, so I was thrilled to be designing my own. The process was such a breeze, the client and agency really encouraged the whole “Victo doing Victo stuff” thing, which made it extra fun.  There was zero revision from sketch to final, which is quite rare for advertisement projects! 

    Can you find the hidden Lufthansa passenger?

    Big thanks to ADs Sebastian Kuhs and Martin Kulik from Plan-Net.

  • Divergent IMAX FANFIX™ poster + Movie Tickest Winner!

    Here are the randomly chosen lucky winners:



    Congratulations! Please email me your mailing address to victo@victo-ngai.com so I can send you the Divergent FANFIX poster I created and 2 IMAX ticket! 
  • The Wound and The Gift

    Victo Ngai

    I am collaborating with the incredible director Linda Hoaglund on a new movie about rescuing an animal or being rescued by one. ” Every creature has a story.The official website is out! Check out the team and the trailer, sign up for newsletter to stay in tune!


    We’ve just launched the website www.thewoundandthegift.com featuring Victo Ngai’s beautiful illustrations of an ancient fable about animals and humans. Please check out our trailer, our team (especially the Technical Advisors!) and our stories. And sign up for updates.


    Victo Ngai

    I was really excited being contacted to do the new IMAX FANFIX™ poster of Divergent, a new movie based on the international best seller of the same title by Veronica Roth. Check out the gif of the process above ( I do hope it loads properly and sorry for the shitty quality, tumblr has a 1MB size cap!)

     I love the story, especially how Tris and other faction transfers break out of their social labels and confinements to pursue truth, dreams and ambition. This resonates with me as Art was not considered a very proper/respected career choice in Chinese society and there was much voice of opposition from my family when I decided to attend art school.  

    I wanted to capture the scene of Tris and Four jumping off a moving train as it not only represents the courage required to become a Dauntless, it also symbolized the leap from their old faction and life, a decision they cannot go back on. The three birds soaring above were inspired by Tris’s collar bone tattoo, which symbolized the three family members she left behind.

    The poster has been getting some love by USAToday and LATimes!

    Big thanks to Debi Struzan, Katie Tibbs, Desirae Jones, my agent Morgan Gaynin, Inc and all the nice people at Summit!  

    Reblog to enter for a chance to win IMAX® tickets to see Divergent: The IMAX Experience®*and a copy of this Divergent IMAX FANFIX™ poster. 

    One winner (1) will receive two (2) IMAX® *tickets in the form of Hollywood Movie Money® Certificates.  Each Hollywood Movie Money Certificate is redeemable for one (1) IMAX movie admission with a maximum value of ($21 total) to see DivergentThe IMAX  Experience® of  or any IMAX film at participating theaters. Winners will be directed to the website http://www.activaterewards.com/imax where they will use the provided reward code to activate and print their Hollywood Movie Money Certificate. The reward code will expire on 12/31/2014. The Hollywood Movie Money Certificate will expire one month from online code activation and winner must comply with all terms and conditions specified by the issuer. Hollywood Movie Money Certificate not used by the date noted on the certificate will be void. Any amount remaining of any certificate after initial use will be forfeited. Total Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) for one pair of Hollywood Movie Money Certificates: $42.00 USD.  If lost, cannot be replaced. Void if resold or otherwise exchanged. No reproductions will be accepted. No change will be provided. Not valid with any other offer. Offer valid in United States only.

    IMAX® is a registered trademark of IMAX CORPORATION
    © 2013 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Hollywood Movie Money is marketed by Quantum Rewards.

  • See babies before they’re born

    Victo Ngai

    Another illustrations for GE's special project, inspired by their slogan” Imagination at Work.” See the first one here

    "GE employees asked the youngest members of their families to explain what they do and we brought their answers to life." I was given lines from the kids to be translated into visuals. This one is "My mom works on things that shows mommies their babies before they’ re born”

    This is the first time my piece being animated into a gif, how fun! Big thanks again to Eric Goldstein, an awesome AD with great insights and a pleasure to work with!


    GE employees asked the youngest members of their families to explain what they do. Sydney, age 3, said, "My mom works on things that shows mommies their babies before they’re born." 

    Illustration by Victo Ngai

  • I had a nice chat with Mathew from FORGE mag about illustration, life in HK vs NY and many more! Now you can watch part 1 here!


    Back in November, FORGE. met up with New York based editorial illustrator Victo Ngai at her Manhattan apartment. We first noticed Victo’s incredibly detailed and intricate illustrations through her work for The New York Times and The New Yorker, and she quickly became one of the first artists we sought out to interview as we were planning our 1st issue. Although it took us about a year to get into the same room as each other, the wait was definitely worth it. Victo talked about her experience going to RISD, how she approaches developing a style, and how she ended up leaving Hong Kong to study art in the U.S. Victo was incredibly kind and easy to talk to, and gave us some great advice about art school and finding work afterwords.

    You’ll be able to read the entire interview in Issue 3 of FORGE. magazine (coming out March 2014)

    For more of Victo’s work visit

    Music contributions by


    Nobel Savage

  • Unveiling Newborn’s DNA Map

    Victo Ngai

    A piece for the New York Times Sunday Business about the future of detecting hidden medical problems in newborns with comprehensive DNA tests and genome sequencing. You can read the article here

    Big thanks to AD Minh! Always a pleasure to work with!

  • My Sister Powers the World

    Victo Ngai

    Here is the first of three illustrations I am working on for GE's special project, inspired by their slogan” Imagination at Work.”

    "GE employees asked the youngest members of their families to explain what they do and we brought their answers to life." I was given lines from the kids to be translated into visuals. This one is "My sister powers the world”

    This has been a really fun project as it’s all about imagination and creativity. Big thanks to AD Eric Goldstein and project manager Betsy Jablow at BBDO. 

    Follow GE’s Tumblr to check out other illustrations and watch their fantastic new video to see more childlike imagination. 


    When you ask a child how the world works, you get imagination in its purest form. GE employees asked the youngest members of their families to explain what they do and we brought their answers to life. Click through the illustrations to learn more and watch our new video to see more childlike imagination. 

    First image by Victo Ngai, second by Joey Chou.

  • I don’t usually reblog other people’s work but check out these awesome portraits by Kyle Stecker. (http://kylestecker.com/)


    God Bless You, Doctor Kevorkian

    A series of portraits inspired by some individuals in Kurt Vonnegut’s fictional interviews for WNYC “Reports on the Afterlife”. In controlled near-death experiences conducted by Jack Kevorkian, Vonnegut finds his way down the tunnel to the pearly gates collecting 90 second interviews with the famous, the infamous and some average joe’s.

    In order of appearance:
    1. Kurt Vonnegut
    2. Doctor Jack Kevorkian
    3. Saint Peter
    4. John Brown
    5. Mary Shelley
    6. William Shakespeare
    7. Isaac Asimov
    8. Burnum Burnum
    9. Sir Isaac Newton

    Some of the original recordings can still be found here. The rest can be found in the printed book version.

    Watercolor and Ink
    Kyle Stecker

  • The Cloisters NY Subway Poster

    Victo Ngai

    When I visited NY as a student, I remember seeing all the beautiful subway art-cards and posters, I would look at them with dazed eyes and tell myself : one day. 

    When Amy Hausmann, Deputy Director of MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design, asked me if I would like to design one of the two 2014 NY Subway posters, I was beyond myself. 

    The Cloisters is one of my favorite places in New York. It’s proximity to the heart of New York city makes it surreal, the short train ride transforms mid-town skyscrapers to a medieval abbey like a time machine. To me, The Cloisters is the perfect subject for the poster theme: “Fantastic Ride of MTA”. The format of this piece was inspired by the beautiful Unicorn tapestry displaying in the museum. To make it more contemporary and further embrace the idea of time travel, modern visitors are venturing into the world where mythological creatures and medieval hunters exit. I also sneaked in many small details which I hope viewers will have fun discovering: such as a dog chasing a squirrel, a fat tourist family which the sons look like clones of the father, the kissing puppy lovers. etc

    These posters are slowly being put up in stations around NY, it makes me really happy getting emails with photos of the poster in context and people telling me how the posters have enticed them to visit The Cloisters. The photo above are taken by friend and fellow illustrator Daniel Fishel. 

    Thank you all so much who came out during the snow for the MTA Arts for Transit talk at the Society of Illustrator last Saturday. Thank you Greg Ruth for recommending me to Amy. Last but not least, thank you Amy and Lydia for this great project and all the creative freedom any illustrator could ever wanted! 

  • Tiny Showcase Special Print Edition

    Victo Ngai

    Remember the frogs? Originally commissioned by This American Life 500th Eps celebration. (You can read more here. )

    I have been told that the giclee prints in my store are a bit too large for tiny homes and not very affordable for everyone. So I have decided to partner with Tiny Showcase to create a special 1 run edition of this popular image. 

    "Up From The Well" is an edition of 250 prints. With a small border for framing, the print is sized to fit a standard 8" by 10" frame. The archival print was created by Tiny Showcase and ships with a corresponding certificate of authenticity. The archival artwork has been printed on a heavy 290gsm natural white print making paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton. AND, it’s only $25!! Buy it here

    $250 of the profit will be donated to Houston’s Shaggy Dog Rescue, where I recently adopted my 3 years old shaggy mutt Dawson. Due to the lack of spay/neuter down south, many shelters are over-populated and have a very high kill rate. Shaggy Dog Rescue is one of the non-profit animal welfare organizations there dedicated to providing rescue services, vet care, foster care, and adoptive placement to stray and abandoned shaggy dogs. They also partner with Rescue Road Trip bringing southern dogs to northern homes. 

    Get your paws on it before it’s gone! 

  • A Tiger Beer Chinese New Year

    Victo Ngai

    For 3 months last year, I worked on the Tiger Beer 2014 Chinese New Year Advertisement Campaign. We hope to achieve a whimsical image which captures the light-headed soaring feeling from Tiger Beer and all the Chinese New Year festivities.

    There are 9 carps in the image as 9 has always been a lucky number in Chinese culture. It’s the noblest number of all as it was historically associated with the Emperor. It is also a homophone of the word for “long lasting” (久).  And fish(魚) is pronounced the same way as “extra” (餘), therefore “年年有魚(餘)”, literally translated to fish every year, is often used to wish for plentiful years ahead. 

     Chinese New Year is a time of fun, When Tiger suggested putting 8 hidden horses in the image, I thought it was absolutely  brilliant.  Furthermore, 8 horses symbolize a prosperous 2014 (Year of The Horse).  8 is yet another  lucky number in Chinese culture.It shares a similar sound as 發(fortune). If you visit China, you will see many rich people’s car plate being 88888. So…any luck spotting out all the horses? 

    3 months is a long long time compare to the usual editorial deadline which I am used to. The process is also a lot more meticulous. I am the type who like to have loose sketches and go with the flow with my finals, but I learnt that would give advertisement clients heart attacks. The color palette, number+ sizes of lanterns, peach blossom, carps, fashion, ethnicities. etc were planned starting from the sketch stage. The biggest challenge for me were drawing the bottles and can. I don’t like to use references and tend to go off grid with quirky free-handing, this time the accuracy of the products is very important. It took me a few rounds to get all the details and the refreshing glow right, but I am quite proud and happy with how they turned out!

    One of the best thing I took away from this job was the sense of teamwork. I play solo for most of my assignments. This time I got to work very closely with ROTHCO, especially my art director Dylan Davies and project manager Jessica Derby. Because of the rush deadline and time differences among me (NY), the agency(Dublin) and the client (Singapore), we often had to work late into the nights together. They shared my excitement and frustration, they give insightful suggestions and help me with many challenges along the way. Also my rep Gail Gaynin, who is not only the business warrior but also an amazing emotional support.

     This ad campaign is described as “daring”, “inventive” and “fresh” in the article  ”5 Brands that got Chinese New Year Marketing Right" by Marketing-Interactive.com, I think my ace team deserves a big round of applause. 

    Thank you so much Robin Yoong from Ogilvy Singapore,  Peilin Lee and Tai Yun fromAsian Pacific Breweries Limited and all my followers (Prudence, Christina, Teo.Aikcher, James, Erwin, Seetoh, Sandy, Twu, Benjamin, Yan) for sending me the photos so I can see the image coming to life! 

    Happy Chinese New Year Y’all!

  • Confucius Comes Home

    Victo Ngai

    This image ran in the New Yorker Dec 23 issue, all the holiday food went to my head and I forgot to post about it.

    This article by Evan Osnos talks about a sudden enthusiasm of Confucius in China possibly due to a “moral and spiritual vacancy”.

    Universities had unveiled high-prices courses for entrepreneurs who sought “commercial wisdom” in the classics. “International Confucius Festival” is launched. In which thousands of people fill a local stadium in his hometown; giant balloons floated overhead bearing the names of ancient scholars, and a Korean pop star in abbreviated outfit, delivers a rock performance. Even the Chinese government, which has condemned Confucius for decades, took a sharp turn and embraced the scholar by opening “Confucius Institute” around the globe, preaching the government’s angle on sensitive political issues.  An “official”, “standardized” and “modernized” portrait of the scholar has also been established.

    Many Chinese intellects express their disappointment in the current manufactured Confucius, criticizing how meaning and ideologies have been forced out of his writing to better suit the current social and political purposes. 

    I highly recommend this article, it’s a very fun read and it addresses the problems China is facing in great depth and dimension with such insight that is not often found in writings by Western authors. 

    Big thanks to AD Chris Curry for entrusting me this challenging piece. 

  • Cocoon

    Victo Ngai

    I love Alexander McQueen. I love that there are always stories behind his designs. I love that he empowers women with his dangerously sharp silhouettes. Most of all, I love the unsettling yet lush, beautiful and alluring sense of death in his creations. 

    This piece is inspired by one of McQueen’s quotes: “It is important to look at death because it is a part of life. It is a sad thing, melancholic but romantic at the same time. It is the end of a cycle - everything has to end. The cycle of life is positive because it gives room for new things.” 

    Thank you Zach from Supersonic Electronic for giving me the perfect excuse to pay homage to McQueen.  This piece will be part of SE3 annual show at Spoke Art Gallery, SF,CA. Opening tomorrow 6-10pm. RSVP here

    Check it out if you are in the area!