• Anxiety and Mourning

    Victo Ngai

    A couple new pieces on fighting the invertible emotional roller coaster ride of being a human being. 

    The first piece is a cover for the Washington Post Health&Science about “Selective Mutism” happens in children due to social anxiety. The idea is to have the child muted by the butterflies in his stomach. Big thanks to AD Matt. 

    The second piece is a spread for Johns Hopkins Health Review. This story is about a woman who was widowed young, and who wishes there were a way for people mourning a loss and having a difficult day to signal to the rest of the world that they are suffering. Big thanks to AD Pam. 

  • Above and Beyond

    Victo Ngai

    Latest piece in Plansponsor for my favorite AD SooJin . The article is about “the best service provider who’s going above and beyond expectation”. The triple decker bus in Harry Potter may have inspired this piece.

    Big thanks to SooJin!

  • Solaris

    Victo Ngai

    I am so excited to announce the release of my Tarkovsky’s Solaris poster for Black Dragon press. 18”x24” 6 colors hand-pulled screen print in limited editions printed by White Duck Screenprint on 270gsm Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell paperOriginal is on sale now. Variant will be on sale tomorrow. 

    Solaris by Tarkovsky is an absolutely stunning and haunting movie. It was a great yet fulfilling challenge to capture its eerie beauty and the openness of the story plot. I am very thankful to James Park of Black Dragon and AD Nico Delort for having so much faith in me. Being able to approach the project with my own interpretations of the film definitely makes the posters extra special for me.


  • Science and Religion

    Victo Ngai

    A few recent pieces. The top one is for HHMI on an article about how scientists must use theory to parse through large amounts of data. The illustration could play off an astronomy/Hubble reference in the article. Big thanks to AD Ellen.

    The other two pieces are for InTouch Magazine about the practice of Christianity in different part of China. Big Thanks to AD Eric!

  • China Daily Interview

    Victo Ngai

    I had a full page feature on China Daily HK Edition yesterday! Huge thanks to Mia Xiao for the interview and nice write up!

    Check out the interview here: http://www.chinadailyasia.com/…/20…/11/content_15261983.html

  • The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn

    Victo Ngai

    I have the great pleasure of working on the beautiful fantasy novelette “The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn” by USMAN T. MALIKSharif, a disenchanted young Pakistani professor, grew up and lives in the United States, but is haunted by the magical, mystical tales his grandfather told him of a princess and a Jinn who lived in Lahore when the grandfather was a boy. After the passing of his grandfather, Sharif decides to unveil the mysteries by tracing his root in Pakistan. You can read the story here on tor.com.  

    Big thanks to AD Irene Gallo as always and Usman Malik! 

  • Loop

    Victo Ngai

    Haven’t done a full on acrylic painting since college, almost forgot how much fun it is to get my hands dirty with colors muds. Here is my water tower for the ‪#‎50towers‬ show curated by SooJin Buzelli and Chris Buzelli, featuring 50 illustrated Boundless Brooklyn Water Towers on display and for sale through April 15th. 

     NYC-ers, see you at the opening on Friday, April 3rd, from 6pm-9pm, at Kikkerland Shop NYC. To find out more: http://www.boundlessbrooklyn.com/pages/50-towers

  • A Couple melancholies

    Here are a couple melancholies. 

    The top one is for Tor.com’s current short story “The Museum and the Music Box” by Noah Keller. “A neglected museum gradually succumbs to the elements. A music box rusts beneath a bell of glass. Fragmented texts are pieced together which tell the history of a lost love, the destruction of a civilization, and the origin of the museum.” Read this heart-wrenching story here.

    The second illustration accompany a Boston Globe Book Review of  “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara. Here we have four young men with four distinct talents whose lives are inextricably intertwined, but it is Jude that is the main focus.  He’s the glue that ties them together, but he’s also the one with the deepest darkest  and mysterious secret. Read the review here.

  • drawingis-magic:

    Today is the official release of Drawing Is Magic! This sketchbook is full of games, exercises and inspiration- perfect for young doodlers, art students, teachers, weekend artists and illustration professionals. Buy it from amazon here!

    Afraid of a blank page? Don’t know how to start a drawing? Struggling with finding your own voice? Forgot how to enjoy art? Check out this super fun inspiring book, “Drawing is Magic” by one of my favorite illustrator/ author John Hedrix!!

  • Around the World

    Victo Ngai

    Although I have been stuck in my studio lately, my work has been having fun traveling around the globe. 

    The first piece is a cover for the New York Times Travel Annual Special Report on Asian Seaside Attractions. Big Thanks to AD Corinne!

    The second one is about Asset International editor Sage searching for the next 40under40 around the world. The third one is “Meeting of the minds”( a conference about innovations and researches) at Regents Park Boating Lake in London, UK. Both of these are for aiCIO. Big Thanks to AD SooJin Buzelli.

  • 48 Hours

    Victo Ngai

    This sums up my past couple crazy weeks. Two covers and an interior spread, each piece created within 48 hours from sketch to finish. I haven’t been able to work on quick turnarounds as much last year because of a few long term projects. The thrill is definitely to be missed.  

    The first two are for Variety’s cover story on China’s growing influence on Hollywood, in particular four mega-media companies that have its eye on the film/entertainment industry. Big thanks to AD Chuck Kerr, I love the layout design and type treatments. 

     The third one is a cover for Wall Street Journal Weekend Review on the newest research findings of our brains. “For 400 years, we’ve had the wrong view of the brain. Now scientists are finally gaining a new understanding on how it works and its unique way of healing—and the latest discoveries are changing the way we approach brain-related ailments, from Parkinson’s disease to traumatic brain injury to dementia.” Big thanks to AD Keith Webb!

  • Franke - Make It Wonderful

    Victo Ngai

    I had loads of fun doodling for Franke’s “Make It Wonderful” campaign. This project felt perfect for me. For those of you who have done intoxicated napkin drawings with me at a bar, you might have noticed that my free-hand drawing behaves like wild weeds. It starts at one corner and grow to fill the whole page. 

    The lettering was my first time, so it took more some planning. But it turned out to be a very enjoyable challenge. I think I will start playing with type more often now! 

    Big Thanks to AD Chrissy from Gyro!

  • SOI 57 

    Victo Ngai

    I am extremely honored to have these pieces selected into this year’s Society of Illustrators NY annual competition. Being a judge (Uncomission category) for the first time, I got a back-stage glimpse of how selective the competition really is and am extra appreciative of being included. Only pieces with more than 6 votes (out of 8 judges) were chosen. The result was a less than 4% acceptance rate. Out of 1600 entries, only 60 were picked. 

    Big thanks to SOI, the judges and all the amazing AD I worked with!

    See you tonight at the Illustrators 57- Advertising, Institutional, Uncommissioned Categories Opening Reception.

  • Round Up 2014

    Victo Ngai

    Happy first Monday of 2015!

    Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and feel refreshed and excited for 2015. Here is a piece I did in December for the  2014 PLANSPONSOR Year in Review

    Big thanks to AD SooJin for the badass art directions and layout design. I love how the title fades in and out on the cover.

    Here is to another rewarding and sparkling year!  

  • A Happy Nortons Holiday!

    Victo Ngai

    “The Sighting, The Search, The Meeting: A Romance” is a sequential holidays card commissioned by Mr. Peter Norton and his wife Ms. Gwen Hill - a whimsical story to celebrate their romance and the festivities.  Mr Norton is best known for his invention of the Norton Antivirus and his contribution to the Tech world, but he is also one of the world’s biggest contemporary art collectors who also sits on the board of MoMa and Guggenheim Museum. Every year the Nortons commission a Holiday card. And since 1998, they started the Peter Norton Family Christmas Art Project.

    It’s a real pleasure and honor to work on this project. It was finished last November and I am happy to finally be able to share this with you! I am very grateful for all the creative freedom from my patrons, also their understanding of my nit-pickiness with the production process. 

    Happy Holidays y'all! 

  • Rule Breaker- SPECTRUM22 Call for Entries Poster

    Victo Ngai

    It’s a great honor to be asked to design the call for entries poster of SPECTRUM, an annual competition which showcases the best of the best sci-fi and fantasy art every year. 

    The tile of this piece is Rule Breaker. The girl represent the role of an artist, bringing colors and surprises into the predictable mundane daily routines (monochromatic checker cage). She’s not afraid to break rules and confinements which suck blood and fun out of life (leech monster in square checker suits).

    The deadline of the competition is 26 Jan 2015, make sure to pencil it in your calendar! Many thanks to John Fleskes for having me on board and all the creative freedom! 

  • Cosmic Pizza

    Victo Ngai

    A piece accompanying a heart-wrenching real life story in Cincinnati Magazine. The owner of Cosmic Pizza owner Rich Evans was shot and killed in front of his wife and kids outside of their family restaurant. This threw the lives of his wife and children into chaos and despair. To make things more complicated, his wife Ao, a bride from Thailand, was incredibly dependent on him and barely spoke english.

    The story focuses on how after the shooting, the community came together and raise the family back to their feet. 

    Now Ao Evan is supporting her family by running a small Thai restaurant. Check out The Evan Family FB page here.

    Big thanks to AD Megan Scherer and DD Grace Saunders! This is another piece that has made it into the editorial category of the Society of Illustrators NY Annual Show 57!

  • The Terrorist, the Herdsman, the Emir and the Bishop

    Victo Ngai

    This illustration is for the latest issue of Liberty Magazine on religious liberty in Nigeria.

    Nigeria is one of the most religious divided countries in the world - with 50% of the population being Muslims and 40% being Christians. The essay “The Terrorist, the Herdsman, the Emir and the Bishop” gives a historical account on how the British Colonization played a huge role in bringing about this conflict. 

    The missionaries introduced Christianity to the poor and malarial south; while the officials were “hopelessly biased in favor of the feudal Emirs of the North” and they came to the region with “a romantic passion for Islam and for polo-playing.” 

    Huge thanks to Bryan Gray, a fantastic AD who’s always a pleasure to work with and a great designer who always make my art look good with gorgeous layouts.

    Also hot off the presses, I am very happy to share the news that this piece got into the Society of Illustrators NY Annual Show 57!

  • The Wound and the Gift

    Victo Ngai

    This year has been full of new endeavor and exciting challenges. “The Wound and the Gift” is one of the hardest yet most rewarding projects among all. This is my first time getting involved in a movie production. From making key-frame storyboards to thinking in a four dimensional way, from creating animatable illustrations to working with the team as an animation art director, there were much to be learnt on the job.

    “The Wound and the Gift” is a documentary which explores the relationship between animals and humans. An animated ancient fable about a wounded crane weaves together real life stories footages of rescued animals and their caretakers. When directorLinda Hoaglund emailed me about the project almost two years ago, I got very excited immediately as animals and animation are two of my absolutely favorites things.

    It was clear that the project would be a very special one, as it’s pushing the boundaries of documentaries and exploring uncharted territories in film making. But it was also clear that the challenges would be just as great. Many great conversations were had on how the animation could be seamlessly tied into the life footages. Many late night oil was burnt to figure out the perfect metaphors and imageries. Many happy dances were done when Venessa Redgrave agreed to be our narrator…

    2 year fast forward, “The Wound and the Gift” has just returned in glory from the Vancouver International Film Festival world premier. We’re thrilled that our New York Premiere will take place at theDOC NYC Viewfinder film competition on Saturday, November 15th at 4:45PM at the SVA TheatreTickets are available now! There will be a Q&A with the director and myself afterward. 

    Tickets available online now, tell your friends! Looking forward to seeing you at the screening.